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Ceiling tiles


AcousticCeilings and Suspended Ceiling Tiles Dramatically Reduce Noise

Acoustic ceilings and suspended ceiling tiles dramatically reduce noise levels in any room.  Just how good at noise reduction are our acoustic ceilings and ceiling tiles?  Our acoustic ceilings and ceiling tile panels have been tested at an independent lab and proven through a variety of tests to reduce noise levels.

The fire-retardant FireFlex Class One fire rated Melamine Acoustical Foam provides superior noise reduction, aesthetic appeal, and flame resistance.   Use them in bars, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, recording studios, telemarketing areas and more.  They're so beautiful, no one will know that the ceiling tiles they're looking at are really acoustic ceiling tiles.

Easy to Install, Beautiful Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are easy to install. You can install them into any drop-in ceiling system, making them flexible and fast to install out of the box.  Or, if you prefer, we can custom fabricate a unique acoustic ceiling just for your setting.   Five beautiful designs can be mixed and matched to create dozens of original patterns and looks that complement any décor.  The 24" x 24" tiles fit into many standard ceiling frames and can be dropped into many existing ceilings.

Ccustom ceiling tilesustom Solutions Are NO Problem for Tecnifoam

While we hope you find a solution to your noise reduction needs from our out of the box acoustic ceiling tiles, we know that sometimes problems present themselves that need a custom solution.  If you're not sure whether our suspended ceiling tiles will work in your area, or whether or not they'll do the trick, give us a call. At Tecnifoam, services comes first.  We'll help you decide whether or not our off the shelf ceiling tiles are right or whether you need a custom solution. 

   Ceiling Tiles
  max wedge ceiling

Sizes: 24"χ 24"
Thickness: 2"
Density: 0.7 lb/cubic foot
Flammability: Class 1
Flame Spread: 10
Smoke Density: 50
Flammability: light gray foam with 4 stock fabric colors
(custom fabric folors available)

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Conference rooms
  • Studios
  • Drop-in ceiling systems
 Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K NRC 
 TF-Ceiling  .22  .44  .85  .95  .97  .95  .80

Green Foam

Green Foam

Green foam (Tecni-Green) offers great performance without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

Easy to install, beautiful and functional foam ceiling tiles reduce noise in many environments.

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