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Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials

What our customers are saying about us

“We outsourced the production of our product to Tecnifoam after manufacturing it in-house for over 60 years. The transition was painless, and every issue was dealt with responsively and resolved to our satisfaction. We appreciated Tecnifoam’s flexible approach to working with us, and their willingness to honor our desire to use our existing material sources for their production. This gave us added confidence about product quality, and ensured ongoing sales relationships with our valued suppliers. Over time, they have continued to keep the lines of communication open and have always made an effort to understand us and our needs.

I’d highly recommend Tecnifoam to others. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was to outsource our production to them. They can focus on what they do best, and we can focus on what we do best, which is market and sell product.”

Business and consumer products manufacturing company

"The part Tecnifoam fabricates for us was initially developed by Tecnifoam for a much larger manufacturer. Tecnifoam’s challenge was to develop a solution that met stringent cost expectations, which for this part was not easy. Tecnifoam was able to make it work and, to date, nearly 500,000 parts have been produced without any quality concerns.

I personally appreciate their service and follow-through. They are easy to deal with, almost like having a friend in the business, always watching over us. In addition to large jobs, they help us with smaller jobs as well, and always do good work at a competitive cost.”

Textile products manufacturing company

 "Tecnifoam has always met and exceeded our expectations in terms of product quality and delivery, both of which are very important to us. When we develop new products, they work with us by offering suggestions and providing samples. They make my job very easy. I tell them what I need, and they take care of it and make it happen.”

Purchasing Manager
Healthcare products manufacturing company

“Tecnifoam has done a fantastic job for us. They are great at communicating with us about the status of our projects and production. The quality of work has been phenomenal, and they have been very accommodating to our internal changes and issues. They proactively work with us to manage costs and always deliver a quality product within our budget. I can think of nothing negative to say about them.”

Medical services company

"We have brought a couple different packaging challenges to Tecnifoam as simple sketches of what needed to be done. From these, they came up with good, cost-effective solutions that made packaging very efficient for us in the factory. They are very responsive to us and have quick turnaround and lead times. If you’re looking for one place to go for foam sheet goods or foam assemblies, I would highly recommend Tecnifoam.”

Machinery manufacturing company

Green Foam

Green Foam

Green foam (Tecni-Green) offers great performance without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

Easy to install, beautiful and functional foam ceiling tiles reduce noise in many environments.

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